AZS-Esports, sub-division of AZS Consulting, is proud to announce its collaboration with TwogNation!

TwogNation is an esports holding company focusing on the following solutions:

1. TwogHub:

A social platform that provides aggregators for news, tournaments, betting, esports locations, data. Additionally, it has a state of the art tournament engine used by partners around the globe and esports' largest social hub with the "gamer's passport" as a core, to find friends, teams and scrims, network, chat, provide or find services, seek new jobs and opportunities. TwogHub is the all-in-one solution the industry was lacking for 2 decades and it has become an essential tool for everyone in the space.

2. TwogBiz:

Agency subdivision with 50 years of combined experience in esports & gaming that provides the best strategies and executions in the industry. The wide B2B spectrum provides client's with a full turn-key solution, minimizes complicated project structures and it is backed by solid in-house assets of the TwogNation holding.

3. TwogTech:

Technology division specialized on any IT need derive off or branching into the gaming & esports space. All year round TwogNation invests in research and development to provide the best solutions in the space, from APIs to large platforms for clients of all sizes.

Our team believes that we can showcase our excellence and analytical understanding of financial instruments to TwogNation that would serve as a prime example of logical corporate understanding in the gaming sphere.