Chess and Esports - appearance on Front Office Sports

In the month of February, Akmal Soliev from AZS Consulting had a pleasure of talking with Danni from Front Office Sports about the future of competitive online chess.

It has been noted by Mr. Soliev that at current moment chess does not have a lucrative and psychological dependency as other online games do. In current day and age, we are exposed to large dopamine rush that is present in other games, of a "clutch" play that either you or a friend might have had and/or outplaying your opponent to achieve a certain objective. All of the following achievements gives the user a sense of accomplishment within minutes of gameplay.

The discussion quickly developed also towards the streaming platform. At the current moment, there is a massive streaming platform war. We, as a viewer, are fortunate to have an opportunity of choice between Youtube (Google), Mixer (Microsoft), Facebook, Twitch (Amazon) and other massive platforms that focus on their either niece or geographical dominance.

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